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KlubFlyer.com is run by the highly sucessful Paradox Promotions.

For those who know, Paradox is a leader in underground street knowledge - delivering clear results through a mixture of in-your-face and subliminal marketing schemes. Don't take our word for it - just ask some of our clients.

Using a mixture of Paradox' extensive database and data collected through our Eflyer service, we are able to offer access to this unique and exclusive database through the KlubFlyer brand.

Demographics - Who Are You Reaching...

Through previously conducted research, we can make the following assumptions about our database.

>> 65% male
>> 35% female
>> Aged 16 - 32
>> 73% spend more than £50 a month on music, entertainment and clothing.
>> 100% Interested in Raving and Clubbing

>> As of (July 2003) our total database reaches 78,331. (Note : the data is cleaned every month to ensure this figure is correct. Dead email addresses are a hindrance and can make a service look more impressive than it is. We only deliver to addresses that exist!)

>> Unique visitor hits to this website as of (July 2003) are 27,000 per month and are steadily rising.

The Products - What We Are Offering...

Events Listings
Thousands of people can see your event listed on our pages. We can incorporate your artwork and logos, your flyer designs, maps to the venue, website links, even contact forms that customers can fill in and get sent direct to the promoter!

>> Eflyer Design
Our team of designers are skilled web professionals who can create a range of different eflyers for you. From plain text, through HTML, to high-end Macromedia Flash© technologies. They will not have a problem capturing your designs and brand image and transferring it in to a format that can be viewed universally. Eflyers designed by us can be branded with or without the KlubFlyer.com logo - its your choice.

>> Sending Eflyer To Our Database
We have the capability to send mass email-outs to our database. We fully host the eflyers contents so only the bare-bones of the mail is sent to the customer - ensuring they do not get annoyed by slow downloads! Mass mailings can take place on any day at any hour and can be timed to fit in with your marketing campaign. Eflyers sent by us are branded with the KlubFlyer.com logo at the top (for customer familiarity) and unsubscription details at the bottom.

Denial - What We Don't Offer...

>> Adverts
When we send or design an eflyer - its for you and only you. No adverts for mobile phones, no adverts for nothing. We want peoples attention on your product, and that is exactly what you get with our eflyers

Video Footage
If you want Video footage in your emails - forget it! If you want Video, go and speak to a Broadcasting company and get your own TV channel! Video footage in emails is pointless - high bandwidth access in the UK is no-where-near ready for this and less than 2% of your target audience will be able to view it properly!
Execution - How To Use Our Service...

>> To Get Your Event On Our Listings Page Download the KlubFlyer.com Logo and add it to your Flyer / Poster Artwork. You can download the logo in a variety of formats from here. The email us and tell us all about it. >> Eflyer Design We offer a range of styles and different pricing methods regarding eflyer design - fill in our dedicated form to obtain a competitive quote here. >> Sending Eflyer To Our Database Please email us your proposed eflyer to send to the database. If it meets KlubFlyer.com's requirements, we will contact you with a competitive quote.

Special Offer - Bonus Package

Get an Eflyer fully designed and sent to our database, with full coverage on our website for £150.
** Receive a 20% Discount on the Bonus Package price if you provide us with Competition Prizes!*

** Receive a £100 Discount if you put the KlubFlyer.com logo on your flyers and poster artwork*

Clients Include

Slammin Vinyl, Slinky, Raindance, Ministry of Sound, Gods Kitchen, Warner Music, Future Dance, Frantic, Epidemik, Breakin Science, Dekefex, Trouble On Vinyl, Vibealite, Moondance, Best of British, Innovationand many more

Other Promoting Services

Paradox Promotions run a range of services - more information can be found on their website http://www.paradoxpromotions.co.uk
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